Corey R.

There was three guys walking through a field there was a chinese guy, a white guy, and i black guy there were trying to get to the store on the other side. This farmer pulls up to them and said this is my field i usually dont let anyone pass through here i usually shoot them ( he had a riffe laying beside him). He said i will make an exception for yall go out and pick a hundred fruit each and bring them back to me they said okay so they went to gether their fruit. The first one to come back was the chinese guy he had a hundred apples. The farmer said okay now shove them up your ass. The chinese guy was like no way the farmer said okay then i am going to shoot you. He said no so he shoved them upp his ass and the farmer said okay you are free to go. The next one to come back was the white guy and he had a hundred grapes. The farmer said okay shove them up your ass he said the same thing the chinese guy said. The farmer said okay well i am going to shoot you then . The white guy said no i will do it. So he got all the way to 99 and started laughing and they all came back out. The farmer said okay do it again. So he started again got to 99 again and started laughing again the farmer said now what the hell do you keep on laughing about? The white guy said that black guy is over there picking watermelons.... LOL