Chester K.

The scientific name for "carrot" is "Daucus Carota". The scientific name for "learning" is "bullshit". Crickets make noise with their butts...Or was that potatoes? ?Max? is, for the second year in a row, the most famous cat name. Some famous guy once said that you can not buy love. I respectfully disagree. I mean, what else are hookers for? I just bought a ripoff watch. The hands were stuck on 2:11 and the damn compass cracked and the stuff inside burned my hand. That watch sucked. Don't judge me here, but once I sniffed Coke. But I stopped when an ice cube got lodged in my throat. If you light a nacho on fire before you eat it you will be invulnerable. And if you actually believed that than you just proved to the world that you are a moron. My friends and I are a bunch of lazy, Tv-addicted, random, idiots who memerize useless things for a living. For example, my best friend has memerized the Papa John's phone number. Also, I could tell you the definition of HD, or, like before, tell you the scientific name for a carrot. If you read all this crap, you were definitely bored.

funniness: 4.06

rating: PG