Maegen T.

This little boy is in kindergarten and his dad is a trillionaire. The dad makes a deal with the boy and says everytime he makes straight "A's in school, he can have whatever he wants. So the little boy makes all a's and his dad tells him he can have whatever he wants. The boy wants 1 green golf ball. The boy makes all a's in 1st grade and wants 10 green golf balls. 2nd: 20/ 3rd:30/4th: 40. So the boy goes to the 5th grade and makes all a's and wants 100 green golf balls. In the 6th he wants 200. In the 7th he wants 300. In the 8th he wants 400. And in the 9th he wants 500. (This whole time he'd been making all a's) So the boy goes to the tenth grade and wants a truck, but he wants it filled with green golf balls. I'd say that's about another 10,000. In the 11th grade he wants 20,000. And finally when he's a senior, he wants a new truck for college but he also wants it filled with green golf balls. Well, the boy gets really sick and only has an hour to live. So the dad goes to see his son snd he's like," Son i have never asked you this before, but why did you want all of those green golf balls." and the boy said," the reason i wanted all those green golf balls was because---. And then he died. * Make sure if you are telling this to really drag it on and make them count up all of the golf balls. Because, then, it makes them want to know why he wanted the green golf balls so much more.*

funniness: 4.86

rating: PG