Roy T.

A nurse was giving a female coma patient a sponge bath, when she accidently brushed up on the womans private parts. Suddenly, the patients vital signs jumped up. So the nurse tried it again, and once again, the vital signs jumped she called the Doctor, and showed him what had happened. The Doctor grew excited, and called the womans husband. He explained what had happened, and said "I think it's worth trying for you to try oral sex with her, and that might be enough to wake her up." So the husband agreed, and came over to the hospital, where they left him alone with his wife to get going.... a few minutes later, however, the alarms began to ring, and the Doctor found the woman to be dead. He turned to the husband and asked him "What happened? Didn't you try oral with her?" "Yeah... I guess she must have choked on it."

funniness: 7.26

rating: R