Rose S.

Once there was a young teen boy that woke late around 8:15 on a Monday morning. Relizing he was late for school, he jumped up, got dressed, and bolted out the door. As he was runnin 2 school, he decided to cut through a pasture, and while he was running he caught sight of some cheerleaders practicing. He slowed down and watched for a minute. After a minute one really cute cheerleader started motioning for him 2 come ovr. He slowly walked ovr and the cheerleader suddenly ran up and whispered in his ear, 'Blue Velvet'. He gave her a wierd look and asked what it meant, but all she said was 'promise you wont tell??' The boy thinkin she was crazy agreed and ran off. Once at school the teacher asked why he was late and he told her that he woke up late, took a shortcut, was stopped and told a secret, and thats why he was late. She responded 'whats the secret?' he said that he promised not 2 tell, and the teacher said 'tell me or go to the pricipal!' He said okay... and whispered in her ear 'Blue Velvet'. She suddenly screamed and sent him to the office! When he got to the office the principal asked what the problem was and he recounted his story. The principal leaned foward and asked what the secret was. The boy replied 'I cant tell you!' and the principal said that he either tells or goes home, so the boy leans foward and whispers 'Blue Velvet'. The principal gasped and sent him home! Once he got home, his mom freaked out and asked what happened.. he retolled his story and his mom took his hand and asked to know the secret. He said 'I cant tell you!!!!!' and she replied 'im your mother so you tell me or leave my house!!' so he agreed and leaned foward to whisper 'Blue Velvet'. She suddenly clutched her heart and told him to leave!!!!!!! So as he wandered the streets, a police car pulled up and a young policeman stepped out. The policeman asked why he wasnt at school and he recounted his story once again. The policeman asked with an eager face, watx tha secret? The boy replied, 'im in enough trouble, so im not tellin.' the policeman pulled his gun out and began twirlin it on his finger and said 'tell me or go to jail young man!' so the boy nodded and leaned foward and whispered 'Blue Velvet'. The policeman was so startleed he accidently pulled the trigger shooting himself! The boy was so freaked out that he ran off the sidewalk and into the street runnin for the other side, but before he took 2 steps a car ran him ovr, killin this little boy. MORAL Always look both ways before crossing the road