justin a.

Things to do When a Telemarketer calls 1. If he calls more than once threaten to kill his entire family 2. Fake having sex when they answer 3. Have your friend pick up and pretend you are his dad. Then scream ? I told you not to fucking answer the phone and then pretend to beat him and make sure your friend screams in pain 4. Have two house phones and answer with both at the same time and put them together so the marketer hears himself talking to himself 5. Scream ? I cant hear you? until they hang up 6. Ask what they want continuously until they get very angry and scream what they are selling 7. When they ask for your name ask for their name and why they want to know yours and start screaming and crying hysterically 8. Lead them on a conversation, acting all interested for hours, asking the same questions ( How much does it cost, What does it do?) 9. Say your going to get your credit card put down the phone(Not Hang Up) and walk away for an hour then comeback 10. If it?s a Muslim that?s the telemarketer when they tell you the price yell ,?Praise Allah, Alalalalala,? 11. Flirt with the telemarketer 12. Pretend to be gay and ask the telemarketer is gay, if he says yes, yell into the phone ? Fudge Packing Fag? 13. Try to sell them your stuff promising that if they buy from you, you will buy from them 14. Pretend to eat when they talk to you 15. Offer them something completely random for a dollar 16. Say you are homeless and see if they believe you 17. Try to switch the subject to sex or pretend they called a gay phone sex hotline 18. Laugh hysterically for as long as you can then hang up 19. Continuously tell them you can read until they get very angry and yell at you 20. Offer them drugs and if they say yes tell them you are a cop and listen to how scared they get 21. Play porn really loud or have a friend fake it and talk to the marketer like you are all out of breath 22. After a few moments of them talking exclaim ?Bob is that you, we went to college together and try to convince them that you met the marketer before 23. When they call tell them they have reached the suicide hotline 24. Pretend you?re a pimp and say your going to pimp slap the marketers wife 25. When answering scream, ? stop calling, im bagging the crack as fast as I can,? 26. Repeat every question they ask 27. Act like a retired crazy war veteran Email Me at Candyman823@hotmail.com if you have anymore to add to the list. Thx : )

funniness: 6.40

rating: PG-13