Billy W.

A duck walks into a bar and says to the bartender, "got any grapes mate?" "No, sorry" replies the bartender, and the duck walks out. The next day the duck returns, and asks the same question, "got any grapes mate?" "Listen", replied the bartender, "we don't sell grapes, never have done, never will". The Next day the duck walks into the bar again, "got any gra..." "right",the bartender interupts, "if you ask me that question just one more time, I'm gunna get some nails and nail your beak to the bar". The duck pauses for a second and thinks. "Got any nails?" Asks the duck. Puzzled, the bartender says "no, why?" "Good", replies the duck, "got any grapes?"

funniness: 4.29

rating: PG