Dan H.

A Kansas farmer dies and goes to hell. Being a Kansas farmer from a small town, he had always been a good church going family man. Unfortunatly, the farmer cheated on his wife with his daughter, (had to put an insest joke somewhere) Anyways, the second the farmer got to Hell, the devil wanted nothing more but to get revenge on the farmer for his good Christian spirit. So the devil gives the farmer a plot of land and tells him, "you are to plow this land for the rest of eternity. But no matter how hard you try, nothing will ever grow, and you will always be disatisfied with yourself!" a few days go by, and the devil notices the farmer is very happy. "WHAT THE HELL!" the devil screams. "Aren't you miserable that you can't grow crops no matter how hard you try!" The farmer says, "No! Are you kidding me, its not the crops i love, its the work!" The devil sees this and get irritated, so he says, "Fine, from now on, the weather will be a dry heat of over 130 degrees! see how you can handle that!" A few days pass and the farmer is happier than before' The devil get pissed and says, "How can you be happy working in this dry heat!" The farmer replies, "Don't you get it yet! All farmers like a challenge, the heat just makes me want to work harder!" This time the devil is really pissed, so he says, "FINE! Then from now on, it is going to be off season. It is going to be dark all the time and you will always have an erge to plow the fields, but it will be snowing, cold and dark, and all you will see around you is frozen dead crops you can do nothing with!" The devil goes back to his throne very pleased with himself knowing he finally made the farmer miserable. not five seconds later, a demon comes up to the devil frantic and scared, and says "Satan! You won't believe it, the farmer is jumping up and down completely extatic!" By this time, the devil is completely furious and runs up to the farmer and yells, "I have done everything you make your stay here MISERABLE! and still you are excited! Aren't you cold?" "Freezing!" yells the farmer "And aren't you frustrated with the crops!" Asks the devil "Completely!" answers the farmer "Then what in the Hell are you so damn happy about!" Asks the very confused devil The farmer jumps up and down with a huge grin on his face and says to the devil, "Hells frozen over! The Kansas City Chiefs have won the superbowl, and the Royals have won the World Series!"

funniness: 8.33

rating: PG