Nicholas V.

A blond was out in the forest deer hunting. She came to a clearing and saw a large form of some sort moving out from behind a clump of bushes. " This is my first deer". The blond thought to herself. She took aim and fired. Her prize lay lifeless before her and she was astounded. "My my my": she thought. " That is the biggest deer I"ve ever seen, and it was such an easy target." Then she heard rustling coming from behind the bushes, and out came a man in a broad rimmed hat brushing leaves and dirt off of himself and looking furious. " What in the blazes do you think you are doing?" The man said to the blond. " I shot my first deer, isn"t he a real dandy?" Said the blond. " What are you talking about? Don"t you know that I can sue you for destruction of property?" Said the man. " Now listen here, I shot this deer on pubic property. Now if you will just move out of the way, I will need to dress him out and take him home! Imagine how nice of a holiday feast he will make, and I intend to mount his head on a wall plak above my fireplace." The man advanced towards the blond yelling: " Oh no you don"t. You"re not getting anything of mine!" The blond aimed her rifle at the man and said: " Get out of my way before I have to shoot you!" The man stepped back, and with a tone of resignation, said. " Ok, but just let me take my saddle off of him first."

rating: PG