Alex G.

Three men are about to enter heaven and God waits outside for them. He says to man 1: "You've been very faithful to your wife so i'll give you a rolls-royce to drive around in" So man 1 drives into heaven. He says to man 2: "You've also benn faithful, but you've cheated once, so I'll give you a mini" So man 2 drives off into heaven. Now he says to man 3: "You've been very unfaithful to your wife and I'm gonna have to give you a bike to ride around heaven with" So man 3 rides off into heaven. A couple of weeks later man 2 and man 3 see man 1 crying so they go to comfort him. "Why are you crying, if I had a Rolls-Royce I would be happy" said man 3. Man 1 says: "I know, but I just saw my wife going round in roller skates"