Chris b.

A man is sent to hell, and the devil says, "I will give you a choice on between four rooms you must spend the rest of your life in." The man says, "Okay, show me the rooms." The devil shows him the first room with a man sitting in sewer water up to his nose. The stench is much to terrible to bear so he says, "Next room." The devil leads him to the next room, where there is a man balancing on his head on a hard, concrete ground, but it smells even worse than the other room. It looks better than the first option, but still, it is very painful. Finally, the Devil leads him to the last room, There is a man balancing on his head again, but the ground is very soft, and the smell is good. The Devil says, "I have shown you the rooms, make your choice." The man chooses the last room, and the Devil tells him to start standing on his head. The man does, and the Devil closes the door behind him. After a few seconds, the man hears on a speaker in the room, "Hold your breath," as sewer water fills the room.

funniness: 5.67

rating: PG