Zap C.

ad on craigslist: Attractive, athletic, active? - w4m hey want, doesn't play games and most of all can make me laugh. I mean seriously ? what else is there?! response to ad: subject: the most retarded personal ad i've ever seen First of all, if you don't want to sound like a complete retard, use complete sentences. Your first utterance is, "hey want," what the fuck is that supposed to mean? The next is, "doesn't play games and most of all can make me laugh" Ok, that's definitely not a sentence even by itself. So far, it looks like you're looking for a guy whose name is "want" and who "doesn't play games and most of all can make you laugh". Unfortunately most people play games at some point in their life, so the odds of finding someone who refuses to play any games would be a lot higher in the math department of some university, and since you don't seem like you could read well enough to follow directions or a map, i suggest you stick with guys who do play games, there are a lot of fish the the sea, but not very many flying fish at the bottom. You then go on to say, "i mean seriously ?" first of all, that's not a sentence either, but if it were, it definitely wouldn't be a question, which begs the question, why the fucking question mark? Another thing to take note of is that, before saying "i mean seriously" or "but seriously" you have to actually say something funny, so, again, you fail. You finally say, "What else is there?" Well, at least that one is an actual sentence. It seems you're working your way farther from the hunched-over ape-like position to a more upright chimpanzee stance. I like it, but as for the question itself, there a lot else, like being attractive, like being motivated and caring. For instance I'm funny, but you're probably not laughing, because you're the brunt of all my jokes. You wouldn't want to be with an asshole like me would you? I guarantee you that not only you wouldn't, but couldn't happen because nobody with the intellect of a 5th grader would have the stomach to last more than 5 seconds in a conversation with you. So good luck getting laid. I suggest you consider members of the animal kingdom. Maybe if you're 1000 times as physically attractive as you are intelligent, you'll have a chance. Lots of remorse for having read your post, Some guy you'll never have a chance with p.s.

funniness: 5.25

rating: PG-13