jonatan f.

There is a Safari adventure in Africa that people can go to if they want to see safari type animals in a caged envioment. So one day a call goes out on the radio "SHIT!!!!SHIT!!!!THE LIONS GOT OUT!!!!!" So one of the group leaders says think "okay one, two three, four,five....11...." then yells out "GOD DAMN IT!!! WHEN THE TWELTH GUY GO!!!!" Then seeing him taking a piis in the bushes, he yells "HEY DUMB ASS GET ON THE BUS!!!!" All of a sudden the man turns around, face pale,struggling to get his pants up, and running like hell, followed by a lion. Then right as the lion was about to pounce on the man, it somehow slips! The man runs more as the lion get up and chases him more. Then the lion slips again and the man takes the moment to get on the bus. The tour guide says to the man who just managed to get on the bus "Damn i'm surprised! I would'a shit my pants so badly!" The man says " Yeah...What do you think the lion was slipping on?"