Justin A.

some funny stuff thats happened in school the last few months ___________________________________________________ outside my tech class i was playin around and kicking little paintings on the wall and i kept falling. then my teacher comes out and says" if u break the wall ill let u fix it for extra credit, if u mess up the painting ill let you repaint it for art extra credit, if u break ur face, well then..................... ill just laugh at you. STUDENT ABUSE!!!!! _______________________________________________ a few months ago my friend got in a fight. well kinda.... sooo the other kid jumps on my friend and starts punching him so then i jumped in and puched him in the back of the head he turned around then kicked him in the balls (teeheee) then the kids mom pulls up from around a corner............. she starts yelling at everybody "I F******* SWEAR ALL YOU LITTLE MOTHER F*** B**** ARE GONNA F*** DIE, I F***** SWEAR IF YOU DARE F*** WITH (remember this is a kids mom)------- then a girl interupts her ewwwwwwww nobody wants to f*** bradon(his name) ________________________________________________

funniness: 2.63

rating: PG-13