che m.

once there was a retarted little boy he was going to a new school he went up to the bus driver and said is dwas shoos bus!!! the bus drver got out the car and beat up the kid abnd trew him in the bushes the next day the boy went to the bus stop an said is dwas shoos bus!! the bus drivre went out the bus and beat up the boy and threw him in the bushes the mom said wat happend to the boy the boy said bus dwiva beet me wup!!! the mom had an idea and said she will hide in the bushes and to see wat will happen. next day the mom hided in the bushes and the boy said the same thing and the bus driver got out and beet up the little boy the mom jumped out and said y r u beating up my son!! the bus driver looked at the mom and said cuse he mlakin fwun of neeeeee!!!!!!!!