jonatan f.

Little John gets a dog for his birthday, and his mom says, "John, Can you go get some dog food?" He says "Okay," and walks two miles to the store. The store owner says "I wanna see your dog before I sell this dog food to you, so i know you not expermenting with it." So John walks home, gets his dog, and walks back. The store owner says "Awww, what a nice dog! Okay, here's your dog food." Then when he gets home he finds that his dad had gotten him a cat, but no cat food. Horribly annoyed, he walks all the way back to the store, only to learn that the store owner wanted to see the cat too. So after getting the cat food, John gets smart and walks back to the store. "Here reach in this box. You'll know what I need," John says the store owner. The store owner opens the box and goes pale. "Yeah. I need toilet paper!" says John.

my true story....

rating: PG-13