min m.

There was this Italian bloke called Joe, and he had this beautiful horse which he'd groom everyday, except all it did was stand in the yard. Anyway Joe's neighbour, Mac, would come over everyday and ask to buy the horse, he had dreams for it. And everyday he asked Joe would reply with "No no he no looka good". Well this one day Mac offered an incredible amount of money and Joe finally decided to sell the Horse. " I dunna know whya you wanna buya the horse. He no looka good" Mac had heard this enough times and didn't take any notice. Two days later Mac comes over and says "Joe, you sold me a blind horse, I dangle a carrot in front of his nose and nothing happens, a wave a hand in front of his face and nothing happens! Why'd you sell me a blind horse and not tell me?!" And Joe replied... "I tolda you he no looka good!"

my grandpa told me this one