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WORLDS DUMBEST SIGNS: 1.Rim Drive, Durango, CO: WARNING: DO NOT HIT THIS SIGN. 2.San Diego, CA: CRUISE SHIPS USE AIRPORT EXIT 3.Boston, MA: CALLAHAN TUNNEL NO END 4.Kyushi, Japan detour sign: STOP: DRIVE SIDEWAYS 5.A Street Downtown 1 MILE 6.TOW-AWAY NO PARKING 2 A.M. 5P.M. sign bellow it says: 2 hour parking 9a.m. 5p.m. and bellow that it says: 15 minute Parking 8a.m. 5p.m. ____________________________ another sign: 7.STOP 4-WAY and next to it says: NO STOPPING AT ANY TIME _____________________________ 8.Speed limit: 14 1/2 mph 9.CAUTION: WATER ON ROAD DURING RAIN 10.Sign says to go left.... bellow it says: KEEP RIGHT 11.ENTRANCE ONLY DO NOT ENTER

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