Joey J.

Once upon a time there was this straight leprachaunse and he was needing a surgery because he broke hissss arm, so one day he went to the doctor and got his arms fixed, the doctor put in this tracking device so he could catch the Leprachaun anytime he wanted and get another pot of gold... So the first day the doctor caught him the leprachaun was surprised and kindly handed him a pot of gold, the second day the leprachaun was unhappy but still handed him gold, the doctor did this for an extremely long time, one day, the doctor perplexed asked the leprechaun how he kept getting gold to pay him when he was caught. The leprachaun replied You thought that was a lot of gold you should see how much gold your daughter has in her underwear drawer.......

I know all of you guys love alternate endings so I wrote one up........... you're welcome

funniness: 3.17

rating: R