Joey J.

A drunken man came through his house very late in the night, even though he was told by his wife not to do so the day before, he made a huge racket and she woke up along with the kiddies.... Devising a plan to get even with him she told the kids the next morning to not say a word to him at all and act like he'd never come in and was like dead or something.... So the next morning he came in with this terrible headache he roared at her to make him breakfast, both she and the kids ignored him, he roared at her a second time she and the kids continued to ignore him, this time he was getting angry and just about to approach her when the mailman came through the door, with a package wanting to make him furious she began making out with the mailman, and this made him extremely furious, he ran screaming at her and punched her across the face and she pulled out her samurai sword and chopped his head off, when asked by the mailman why she did that she said he didnt need to lose his head over it

funniness: 1.40

rating: PG-13