Saul H.

A few weeks ago, I was sittin' on my grandparents porch with Grandpa. We were sitting one either side of the porch each in our own rocking chair. I was trying my best not to look like an old person to passer-by's. Then out of no where, my grandpa in all his wisdom stiffened up and said, "You know what son, when I was you age, I used to have me a lot of Putty Tang." My eye twitched a little, but I contiued to listen, "And you know what, it wasn't with your grandma either," he finished, "And you know what else, I think you need to get yourself a lot of Putty Tang, too" (I'm 13) I thought about this for a minute, then I leaned over to my grandpa and said, "You know what Granpa, I didn't really want to know about you and your Putty Tang."

Yeah, not really funny, but it was random to me, too. My friend told me this joke.

funniness: 3.10

rating: PG-13