matt c.

Two women and two guys walk into a bar they ask the bertender for 10 ruthie colatas for the women.The women ask for condoms the bartender askes "Why do you need condoms???" the women say "You'll see" so the women drank the ruthies and then they went behind the bartenders place and said "You want to join in were gay amf they don't know it they are going to be pissed" so the bartender gets his shotgun and shoots the two gay guys and rapes the women to his suprises the women were lesbians and then he left the bar saying his slogan "I'm not a bartender i'm a rapist!!!!!" the police heard and he was arrested Then after 8 years in jail he was released and then he seeked revenge on himself by jumping into a lake and staying there for 10 minutes he did and he didn't die then he looked down and saw that his dick was cut off and gills replaced them so then he jumped off a skycraper then he saw that he didn't have arms anymore either they were boobs then he shot himself but his brain was paper so the bullet went staright through him and then he went to a strip club and then he died there because he turned gay but before he died he said this "I curse you all for doing this to me" and then the earth exploded ahhh that would be great if the apcalypse really happened like that

an odd joke

rating: PG