remi f.

BEFORE: how much do u charge? r u sure ur 18? do u take checks? r u as good as they say u r? congradulations! u r the 999,999,999,999th visiter do i have 2 use the condom this time? should i pay u before or after? i cant believe we met on a myspace chat room u look better with ur clothes on ur boobs sag more than my grandmothers r those real? ur not a girl! DURING: this sucks i told u to put on the condom is that gray hair? where did that camera come from? is that all u got? when does it start? enough foreplay already stop watching tv the music is more entertaining than u y r u waring a mask? u dont seem into it anymore damn ur good! u sure ur a vergin? dont i know u from somewhere? AFTER: that was it? ur right, u were not a vergin how much do i owe u? on the nice of u! mayby next time what are u, like 45? who where u kidding? wheres my walet? i feel bad for who ever has to clean this up u need practice ur not who i started with

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rating: PG-13