Jay T.

A man comes in the doctors office crying and checks in and has a seat. Doctors rushes to the front lobby and tells his sobbing patient to the examination room.... Doctor: "What seems to be the problem?" Patient: "I ha hav have a a a prob prob problem.. I stut-t-t-t-er.. now now now my wi wif-f-f-f-fe gon-n-n-a le-e-e-ave aft-t-t-ter 10 ye-e-e-ars" Doctor: "well have a seat let me look at you" so the doctor checks him out tells him to open his mouth and shine light down his throat, listens to his heart beat Doctor: "well I dont see nothing wrong...Why dont you take off your pants let me see something" Patient: "Wh-h-h-y-y my Pan-n-n-n-n-t-ts?" Doctor: "Well sometimes, If you have a big dick, all that extra weight seems to pull the vocal cord down causing the stutter in speach......(so the pants come off) yep thats it.... just like I thought its too big and I can probably cut some off so you can save your marriage.." Patient: " An-n-ny thi-i-i-ing fo-o-o-or my my my wif-f-f-fe" so the doctor takes him into surgery cuts off 6-inchs of his dick and checks on him later that day Doctor : "How are you doing?' Patient: " Well I am doing fine.. I dont stutter no more , watch wood chuck chuck..........." so the doctor sends him home ONE MONTH LATER: he comes back in the doctors office crying Patient: "Doctor, I am sorry to say this but my wife said she would rather put up with my stutter, so I want you to sew that back on for me." Doctor: I DON-N-N-N-NT KNO-O-O-O-W IF IF IF I CA-A-A-A-A-N DO DO DO THA THA THA-A-A-A-T

funniness: 7.40

rating: R