Amethyst Rose H.

What are 3 good reasons that M.J. played the scarecrow in "THE WIZard of oz"? 1. He's already sewn together 2. His head's used to having fire thrown at it 3. He still needs a brain (I don't think so) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Game, set, match - tennis. Set match, run - arson. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky, the Jackson family...... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I will kill your family...... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A class of 9th graders was asked to make parodies of songs. When they gave their report this was the only F in the class: 15 bags of barf on the wall, 15 bags of barf! Take one down, drink it down, 14 bags of barf on the wall...etc.... No More bags of barf on the wall, no more bags of barf! you drank 'em all down, barfed 'em back up, 15 bags of barf on the floor! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PHONE CONVERSATION BETWEEN Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. and his friend. Prince: Hey, bud. wanna come over to have a sleep-over with me? Friend: No way. Prince: Why? Friend: The last time I did, your dad was in my sleeping bag and my butt hurt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ last joke. Hilary Clinton + Bill Clinton = bad marraige Hilary Clinton + Barack Obama = bad election Hilary Clinton + White House = the apocalypse.

I actually like the Jacksons, so some of these jokes are just unfair.

funniness: 6.33

rating: PG-13