samantha g.

- I went to Best Buy for a dvd camcorder i asked the "specialist" for that department what the difference was between the two. She said" The bigger camcorder holds the bigger dvd's and the smaller camcorder holds smaller dvd's. (well shit i'm not a specialist in that department but i knew that) - I went to comp usa and spent mass money (like a few yrs ago) and bought everything to start a photo buisness. I found a beeter deal at best buy. We went to return all the stuff and get our money back. When we got there she said she could not refund our money after we made our purchase the company would have to send us a check, and that was indecated on the back of the reciept. ( well duh after i make the purchase then it tells me i can't get my money back. what the @#$## is that?)

funniness: 5.13

rating: PG