Abbey L.

This is a game my friend and I made up one day as a joke because we were bored. We wanted to share it with you! ?Go Crap ? Rules 1. This is a card game 2. This game requires only two players and that is the limit. 3. Split the deck in half between players, you are allowed to look at your cards. 4. Each player puts three cards down in a triangle shape. When this is done by both players the shape should resemble that of a toilet. 5. Determine which players? three cards has the greatest value. When this is figured out-the player with the greatest value puts one card in the middle. This card is refereed to as ?the crap?. 6. You must fill your three cards(side of the toilet) either going up or down relying on the card. Do this until all of your cards are gone. 7. While doing this both players must do the same with the crap. If you put one card in the middle than you are free to take one of your piles and to start a new one. 8. When all of one players cards are gone- they have won and the opposing has gotten ?flushed?. 9. However, if the ?flushed? player still has cards left, than he is to place two cards (two turds) in the center of the toilet face down(one lower one higher).The player putting down the cards is allowed to know the value of each card. The opposing player is to chose one of the cards. If the card chosen is the lower card, than the other player wins and takes the crap. But if the card chosen is the higher card, than the opposing player does not win and the other player keeps the crap plus those two cards. NOTE: Joker = 1 , Ace= highest card WARNING: This is to be done only once and if the loser has cards left over. If repeated than game will never end.

rating: PG