Bob M.

A 1st grade teacher asked every kid in her class what animal they wanna be. Most where normel answers like " I wanna be a dolphin so I can swim faster." But when she got to one kid. He said " WHY THE **** WOULD I WANNA BE A ****ING ANIMAL? TO GET MY ****ING *** SHOT?" So the teacher calls the kids parent and she says. " Excuse me sir but your son was swearing in class today." The parent replies "Ok? What did he say?" "Well he said **** and ***. Is he watching any TV shows that may be inappropriate?" Then the parent screams. " I DONT GIVE A **** WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT, BUT WE HAVE A NICE FAMILY TIME WATCHING SOUTH PARK TOGHTHER SO **** YOU!" Now thats a bad parent!

I hope you enjoyed it.

funniness: 5.00

rating: PG-13