Steve H.

The sun was so bright that swealtering August day that it just seemed to burn right through my eyelids, the old man with the dark sunglasses and red tipped cane lightly tapping the ground like a human powered GPS, made his way through the mobs of pigions in the park, I was thinking, it's like parting a little miniature wierd looking Red Sea minus Charlton Heston. I felt a deep connection to this humble traveler and felt compelled to greet him as a fellow human being, tapping my own mental cane on the pavement trying to find my own way through this convoluted world of ours. We sat on that old park bench and talked about how Godels incompletness theorm shows no consistant, recursively enumerable theory in which the concept of natural numbers can be expressed,.....then the old man paused, put his sun glasses on the weathered bench, faded into deep thought about our discussion, and when he did I exchanged his designer Gucci sunglasses for the oversized pink and yellow plastic clown glasses I had been wearing, cause after all, whats a blind guy need with sunglasses, does a deaf guy wear ear muffs in the summer? Duh, people wake up and drink, I mean smell the coffee.! Steve's altered reality

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funniness: 1.71

rating: PG