Little R.

One day Pinnochio had sex with the Godfathers daughter and tried to lie his way out of it but couldn't and almost got bashed to death. Later that day Pinochio went to a doctors surgery and asked the doctor if he couldn't do anything to help him to be able to lie without getting caught. The doctor said, "sure, i can do it right away. The Operation was complete but the Doctor did not tell Pinnochio what he had done. A week later Pinochio came back to the doctor with a black eye. The Doctor asked Pinnochio what had happened. Pinochio replied, "I was having sex with the Godfathers Daughter and Snot Dribbled All over her face. Then When I was at home she rang me and told me she never wanted to see me I started to cry Then When I blew my nose I came in my Pants.

Pinnochio and his sex

funniness: 5.27

rating: R