jolandi s.

Two teenage kids, a girl and boy, are living in a trailer park with their mom and stepdad. The girl goes up to her stepdad three weeks before senior prom and asks him if she can have a dress for prom. "I'll get you a dress if you give me a blowjob". She refuses to give head to her stepfather, but he stands firm and says "No head, no dress." The morning before prom, she asks him again for a dress. He repeats his request for oral sex, and this time, desperate for a dress, the girl agrees. After a few seconds of oral sex, the girl stops and looks up at her stepdad. "You taste like crap!" she says. "Well, your brother wanted to borrow the car last night, and I haven't had time to shower yet!" he answers.

How desperate are you to go to prom?

funniness: 4.08

rating: R