Roy T.

An ambitious young tv reporter went to a small town, looking to get an interesting story for her editor. So she went to the mayor, and with the camera rolling, she asked him "anything exciting happen around here?" "Well, last month this hot young girl got lost in the woods, so 100 of the townsmen went looking for her, and when we found her we fucked the shit out of her!" "I can't put that on the air... was there anything maybe less exciting?" "Well, her mother got lost a couple of weeks later...she's not half bad, so 50 of our men went to find her, and we fucked the shit our of her!" "Come on, Mr. Mayor, this is about you, anything intersting happen to you lately?" "Well, I got lost last week...but we won't talk about that."

Courtesy of my friend Yuli.

funniness: 6.65

rating: R