jim b.

On a gambling holiday in Las Vegas, Stanley loses all his money. He does not even have enough money for the taxi to the airport, and to his bad luck, the cab driver realizes this two miles away from the airport. Stanley is kicked out and forced to walk the last two miles. Next year he comes back to Vegas for his annual week of gambling. This time, he wins big! On his last night, Stanley sees the cab driver who kicked him out of his car last year. He's the fourth car in a line of taxis outside the hotel Stanley's staying at. He decides it's the time and place for a little harmless payback. Stanley goes up to the first taxi and motions for the driver to roll down the window. "Hi, good evening. How much do you charge for oral sex? I'm really in the mood for a blowjob," Stanley says to the driver. The driver gets very agitated at this, and yelling "Fuck off!" rolls up the window again. Stanley repeats this process with the second and third cabs in line. They both decline his offer, seething with indignation. When Stanley gets to the fourth cab, the one who made him walk to the airport, he changes his offer. "Hi, good evening! How much do you charge for a trip to the Bellagio Casino?" he says. The cab driver answers "That's about 20 dollars, hop in," not recognizing his client at all. As the cab passes the three other ones in line in front of it, Stanley does a little thumbs up and winks at all the other drivers.

funniness: 9.46

rating: PG-13