Hiruy E.

jon, the fucking sex addict was being sued by his wife for sex abuse (not rape). his lawyer totaly understood, as he also had this problem with his ex. found out about the answer 10 years after he was sentenced and sent free. he NEEDED the sex. when judgement day came, Jon was on the "seat". his lawyer asks him: "why are you here?" "because i "sex abused" my wife" " why did you sex abuse your wife?" " because i was desprete for the sex" "don't you mean you needed the sex?" "thats exactly what i meant! i mean, you know, my wife said i will fill your needs of sex til' my last egg cell is gone." the judge out of nowhere asks: "excuse me but what do you mean by needing sex?" Jon looks to the lawyer, he says "lawyer, lay it." the lawyer looks at the judge as if the judge is a dumbass and says: "judge, if your wife says that she had sex with another guy because you said you don't need sex, how would you feel?"

funniness: 2.55

rating: R