rick p.

Does any one else wonder why the fuck Bush is in power? Not even the Hardiest American can support this man. Im NOT going on about all the bollocks to do with illegal wars or oil companies i dont even give a shit about the 911 tradegy. it just seems plainly obvious that the most powerfull man in the world is an arse! An arse and he got a second term. WHY? he cant string a sentance together without an aid and then he still fucks it up.The man is a yokel, Texan, idiot and he runs the show. The only conclusion i come to is that he cheated elections. Did anyone actually vote for Bush? And if so why did you do that? I am not one of those people who thinks that i am superior but bush has the intelligance of stuffed toy. He probably thinks Tony Blair is still priminister only he has put on weight and had a stroke. no its Gordon Brown George!

funniness: 4.53

rating: R