rick p.

A twenty two year old man is looking in the mirror and noticing that his weight has increased dramatically over the years. He has no girlfriend and his friends take the piss a lot about his excess weight. He sits down and comes over all depressed but as he sits down he notices an article in the paper "We guarantee weight loss immediatley after one session!" He finds the number and decides he is going to change his flab into fab. He rings up a woman answers and says "how much weight do you want to loose he says "about two stone" the lady says fine " that's going to be two hundred pounds make sure your in at six o'clock tonight" and hangs up the phone. six o'clock comes round and the door bell goes. He answers it and can't beleive his eyes a tall brown ginger haired godess standing before him. She looks at him and says "if you catch me you can shag me" she runs past him into the garden he runs round for two hours and catches her and shags her stupid. He wakes up the next morning jumps on the scales he's lost two stone he can't beleive it. He decides that he would like to loose three stone this time and rings the number again. The lady informs him it will be three hundred pounds this time and hangs up. Six o'clock the bell rings he jumps to the door this time their is a brunette very fit and absolutely starkers she tells him "catch me and you fuck me" he runs round for hours sweating of the three stone catches her and fucks her frantically. He wakes up the next morning jumps on the scales and punches the air another three stone has gone. He picks up the phone again and this time he asks for a five stone loss. The woman on the line says this could be hard but she is sure it is possible and tells him it will cost five hundred and hangs up. Six o'clock comes round and the man is sweating with excitement he opens the door and their is a gorilla with a sign round its neck saying if i catch ya i'm gonna fuck ya!

funniness: 6.40