rick p.

an englishman, irishman and scotsman are stranded in the desert with no food or drink or shelter. The heat is killing them and it won't be long untill they're dead. The English man looks down at the ground and on the floor is a rusty oil lamp. He picks it up and rubs it with his dirty shirt, all of a sudden there is a whoosh and standing before them is a genie who says "i will grant each of you 1 wish no more. The Englishman shouts i want to be back in England with my wife and kids. Whoosh he dissapears. The Scotsman shouts i want to be back in Scotland down the pub having a meal with my girlfriend getting smashed. whoosh he too dissapears. The genie looks at the Irishman and says and what is your wish. The Irishman thinks for a second and says i haven't got a wife or girlfriend i just miss my friends, that's it i wish i was with my mates. Whoosh the Englishman and Scotsman are back in the desert.

funniness: 3.60

rating: PG