Coenie O.

Dear Jet Stores accounts department, I am writing to you regarding your "Final Demand" letter I received concerning my overdue clothing account at your fine store. Your letter was stern and I can see you are wondering whether you will get your money out of me. I can assure you that I am a man of honour and always settle my debts. To better explain the delay I will explain how I pay my accounts: Each month,on payday, I put the names of fine stores like yours that I owe money to - into a hat and randomly select one. I then rush to that store to make a payment. I am sorry if you haven't had payments in the past but here is to wishing you the very best of luck in future draws. Sincerely, Coenie O. PS. Due to the bitter tone of your letter you will not be entered into the next three draws.

funniness: 7.67

rating: PG