R H.

Monday: (Too horrific to even post) Tuesday: 8:00AM I wouldn't lose too much money by not going to work today, right? Right? 9:00AM Oh no no no no no no no.... 10:00AM Why me? Why why why me? 11:00AM You know, maybe I should just move to Mexico. Sell sombreros. Bye bye corporate mumbo jumbo. Nah... Salsa hurts my tongue... Timbuktu? 12:00PM I want lunch... 1:00PM I still want lunch 2:00PM Only 2 1/2 more hours... Only 2 1/2 more hours... 3:00PM God I'm tired will this day ever end?! 4:00PM Yes, I ordered it. Yes, I mailed it. Yes, I did every little thing you asked of me today even though I'm pretty sure I developed an ulcer from it and possibly a brain tumor. No, I am not being a smart ass. 4:30PM Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho its off to home I go, to sit on my couch, and smooch with my spouse, forget tomorrow I have work, just sit on my butt with a smirk, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho!! Wednesday: 08:00AM I want to go back to bed 09:00AM Too tired for this 10:00AM I want to go home 11:00AM I'm gonna get fired aren't I? 12:00PM I should move to Tibet 01:00PM Not Tibet. Timbuktu. 02:00PM My boss is just stressed. I hope. 03:00PM I just need more experience then I'll get this. 04:00PM Almost free Thursday: 08:00AM I want to go back to bed 09:00AM Why am I here again? 10:00AM I want to go home and sleep 11:00AM Man I'm hungry 12:00PM Oooh Lunch 01:00PM Can I go back to lunch? 02:00PM I want a nap 03:00PM Why doesn't my work have a bathroom? 04:00PM Who builds a building with no bathroom? 05:00PM Almost break time... 06:00PM The OA is here and she wants to... work... 07:00PM I am outta here! Friday: 08:00AM How did I get here and where is my pillow? 09:00AM What's my name? 10:00AM Should have eaten breakfast... Hungry... 11:00AM Only a little longer til lunch... 12:00PM Lunch.... Lunch.... Mmm Brains.... 01:00PM Who are you and why are you telling me to get back to 'whurck'? What is this thing called 'whurk?' 02:00PM *YAWN* No, No, don't be silly. I find filing fascinating. 03:00PM So close... 04:00PM I'm planning an escape... Who's in? 04:30PM Muh-wah-ha-ha!! I'm free!! Free!! But before I go, what is this 'Mundai' thing I've been hearing about? WHAT? I have to come back in two days?!

Some days it's not worth chewing through the straps...

funniness: 3.80

rating: PG