Hiruy E.

this joke was told to me by a friend, Arnel Dorado. there was this guy who needed to take a shit real bad so he went to a public restroom and did his business. When he was done, he finds out that there is no toilet paper. So he looks up and sees a sign on the door, with a hole under it, that read: "If you are reading this sign it must mean that there is no toilet paper. So folow these easy steps: 1. take your index finger and wipe your ass until all the shit is on your finger. 2. after that stick your finger in the hole under this sign 3. finaly it will be clean. garantied!" So the guy folowed the directions and stuck his finger in the hole with all the shit in his finger. On the other side of the door there was another guy with a brick on each hand waiting for the other guy to stick his finger in the hole. When the guy stuck his finger in it the other guy with the bricks smashed the guy's finger with the bricks. The guy with the finger felt the pain so bad that he took out his finger and put it in his mouth cuz of the pain. And when he took it out of his mouth, it was clean as garantied.

funniness: 5.29

rating: PG