julie f.

1. Why do we say cheese when we take pictures? are we mice being rewarded for taking a picture? 2. guys when you break up with chicks why would you say im sorry but we can't be together i still love you though......... then you wouldnt leave!!! 3. ever noticed that every teenage chick has the most trouble with their mom but teenage guys are mostly best friends with their dads? proof that chicks are too big of bitches to get along!! 4. had this happen before? you: mom i think we have mice mom: yea ok sweetie a few weeks later your older sister: mom we have mice mom: oh no! we should get some poison first of all parents ALWAYS have to be told a million times and secondly dont ever try to be more important than older syblings 5. girls always wait forever to move on guys wait maybe a day 6. every chick is guilty of "faking it" at least once in their life or using the excuse im too tired. 7. all the good guys are gay or taken 8. all the good chicks are bitches 9. you never forget your first love ( unless youre a striaght guy) 10. You can't wait to get away from your parents as a kid and couldn't be happier to see them when youre out on your own and broke.

funniness: 3.64

rating: PG