Nicole D.

TRUE STORY In 8th grade we had a sub in Handbell class right before the Christmas break so she let us get away with anything . we where doing the limbo, listening to Ipods, talking, the usual free day stuff. One of the girls Laura in the class was an extreme tomboy and a major redneck on top of that, and Duncan( the class FREAK) was being annoying as usual. So laura took him into the Storage Closet........... (BUT NOT FOR THE REASON THAT YOU THINK) She took a broom in with her. As we held the door close; She beat the snot out of him with the broom ( THE SUB TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS TO THIS) In the pitch black room. on one got in trouble even though Duncan's girl like screams could be herd down the hall and no one came to investigate either. The funniest parts where: ~Duncan screaming like a GIRL ~Coming to school the next day and telling every one that he actually got beat up by a girl

I was happy to help hold the door closed

funniness: 3.14

rating: PG