jase p.

A mother of 3 daughters decided to marry the girls off on the same day. That night would be the girls' 'first times'. Once it was night-time, the 3 daughters and their husbands went to their rooms. Worrying for her daughters, their mother decided to listen at the doors of each the girls in turn. When she was at the door of her eldest daughter, the mother heard crying. At the door of her middle child, the mother heard giggling. However, even though she listen all night long, the mother couldnt hear anything at the door of her youngest daughter. The next morning, the mother questioned her daughters on what she had observed the previous night. The oldest said "it was massive mother". The middle one said " it was great mother". The youngest child said "mother, you always told me not to speak with my mouth full . . . ".

funniness: 6.53

rating: PG-13