Alex V.

*Adolf Hitler Enters Conversation* *Japan Enters Conversation* Japan: Tioto Hosheewa Hitler: Jesus Japan, I can't understand a word you're GOUVENSTIVEN saying. Japan: Oh, I'm sowwy. I just say random stuff to make me seem japanese. Hitler: You are GOUVENSTIVEN japanse. Jesus. Japan: Wight, Wight. *China Enters Conversation* China: Dammit Japan, did you launch ANOTHER nuclear bomb towards us? Japan: It was accident. Push wrong button. China: That's the excuse you use EVERYTIME! Japan: Me know. Me sleep with Hitler wife. Hitler: What?!?!?! Dammit! Japan: Tee Hee, jk, man jk. China: ROFL *Denmark Enters Conversation* Denmark: Is Hitler online? Hitler: I thought I blocked GOUVENSTIVEN you... Denmark: Yeah, I don't think it works in group convos. Hitler: oh, i.c. w/e. Denmark: Hitler, you invaded us and killed half our population. Not cool man, not cool. China: Yeah well Japan launch nuke at us. *Norway enters room* Norway: Sup n00bs. Hitler: Oh vie hello zere Norway. Norway: You uber pwned us 2 day. Hitler. Yeah...Yeah I did, didn't GOUVENSTIVEN I? Norway: Word 2 ur mom. *United States enters convo* United States: Hitler, we're kind of against this whole racism thing...So uhh, could you please stop. Hitler: Well, zee thing is, I'm not actually racist. I just don't like a certain group of people. Norway: Hey U.S, A/S/L? U.S.: About 100, Male, Afghanistan. Norway: Thx. Well I g2g, ttyl. U.S.: Bye. *Norway Leaves Conversation* Hitler: I'm sorry, America, but I can't just stop killing everyone. We have a shortage of tylenol. U.S.: What does that have to do with anything? Japan: It have to do with Canada and staplers. U.S.: I'm sorry...What? Denmark: What he's trying to say is that Canada has cheaper meds. U.S.: Yeah but that added stapler thing at the end and the whole killing everyone thing... Japan: Not at all. I call Canada and explain situation. *Canada Enters Conversation* Canada: What's going on here? Hitler: I was just telling everyone that I kill everyone because of a shortage of tylenol. U.S.: And I told him that it didn't make any sense. Japan: And then me tell him that Canada have cheap tylenol. U.S.: And then I said that had nothing to do with anything. Canada: Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with America there. That makes no sense. And this coming from the most intelligent country in the world. U.S.: Yes, and this is coming from the most obesse country in the world. Canada: So basically Hitler, what we're trying to say, is that you're full of doggy poop. Japan: I agwee with you. Hitler: Oh shut up Japan, you agree with everything everyone says. Japan: I agwee. Denmark: What happened to China? China: Oh, sorry Denmark. I was busy launching a nuke at you. Denmark: WTF?!??! China: ROFL LMAO! I JK! I launched it at Norway. Denmark: Yeah, damn straight. Hitler: BRB guys, just gotta take out the garbage. Denmark: KK. China: So.... Canada: ..... U.S.: How's life? Canada: Clean and war free :) Denmark: Lucky S.O.B. Canada: LOL Hitler: Back. Canade: kk. U.S: Well, I've got to go. I have to go make up some weapons of mass destruction. Hitler: Yeah, I've go to GOUVENSTIVEN go. Canada: I've got a hockey game to attend. TTYL. <3 Denmark: See ya. *Everyone Logs Off, War ends as Canada PWNS everyone in a game of MSN chess.*