Luke K.

At an airport one day there was an urgent security announcement. someone was trying to smuggle illegal drugs into the country. The customs officers especially were told to report anything suspicious and take the matter into their own hands if they felt confident enough. Dave was standing at his post as he did everyday, until a very large woman approached the custom barriers. she was walking very suspiciously, with her legs wide open. 'excuse me mam, would you please step into the office for a moment please' Dave took her into the office and explained the situation. the woman denied everything. 'could you please remove your undergarments for further inspection or we shall immediately arrest under suspicion of drug smuggling' agreeing to this she removed her underwear and bent down for inspection. Dave was shocked at what he found. he reported back to his boss. 'i have just found something no man on gods earth should see again. 300 pounds of 100% pure CRACK!!!'

you'll be shocked at what those guys find!

funniness: 4.60

rating: PG-13