raymond m.

There were once three travelers a white guy, chinese, and mexican that needed somewhere to stay for the night, they came across this house that a farmer owned they asked the farmer if they could spend the night the farmer said yes but theres one problem the guest room only has two beds so one of the guys had to stay in the barn with the pigs. The white guy went to sleep in the barn while the other two guys slept in the room two hours later the white guy comes knocking on the door and the chinese guy opens the white guys says to the chinese guy i cant sleep out there the pigs stink to bad you go, so the chinese guy goes then 3 hours after that the chinese guy comes back and knocks on the door the aitiano answers and the chinese guy says to the aitiano i cant sleep out there the pigs stink to much you go sleep out there so the mexican goes then 2 hours later the pig comes knocking on the door they answer and the pig is like im not going to sleep out there that mexican stinks to much..

funniness: 2.50

rating: PG