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A Woman's Answers to 25 Questions 1) Why do you all wish we were more like John Cusack? A: I don't think we all prefer John Cusack. That's probably different for everyone. I have a Ewan McGregor thing myself. Find out who it is for your woman and pretend to be him occasionally. 2) Do you or don?t you want us to open the door for you? Just let us know, and we?ll act accordingly. A: Yes. No matter what women have said over the decades we want you to open doors, pay for meals etc. We do not want to be treated like your equals. We want to be treated way way better. 3) How can you look so cute in pigtails? A:That actually goes back to you. Why are you all so eerily turned on by the underage school girl thing? 4)Why the fascination with Harrison Ford? He?s old enough to be your father, for crying out loud? Seriously. A: As a woman who has a thing for the older men I have to say that I don't understand it, but it's very very powerful. 5) When you ask "Does this look okay?" do you want honesty or support? We really can do both. A: I want support, but I want you to convince me it's honesty. 6) How can you complain endlessly about having "so much work to do" and then find the time to go shopping or talk to someone on the phone for two hours? A: Both are true. We do so much but we do still have time for shopping and talking. We can multi-task and we move way way faster than you when motivated. 7) Do you ever get tired of watching The Sound of Music? A: When I was 8. But if you have a women who doesn't my guess is she's drawn in by the romance of the suave handsome man falling for the innocent naieve young woman. Try creating your own romance and maybe she won't need it. 8) Why is each anniversary such a big deal to you? I'm not talking about yearly anniversaries, but our first date? Our first kiss? The first time I met your mother? A: I dunno. I don't do that. And if your woman does, well it's kinda weird. For 98% of us I would say anniversary, birthday, Christmas, and Valentines would suffice. 9) Do you think I'm better looking than Brad Pitt? A: I can't see you, but no almost definitely not. 10) How can you always remember those little things, like Great-Great Aunt Emma's birthday or the anniversary of Cousin Susie's dog's death? A: Because we're actually listening to people when they tell us that information. Like how you remember when the next all new episode of your favorite show is on, you care so you listen. 11) Why do you always ask us questions when you already know the answers? A: To see if you know the answers, pop quiz! 12) How can you always be up for going shopping? A: Buying pretty things makes us feel pretty. 13) Chest hair ? good or bad? Individual basis but mostly a little=good, Robin Williams=bad 14) Boxers or briefs? Be honest. Oh boxers but especially not tightey whiteys. Those things are atrocious and it should be illegal for men to wear them between the ages of 10 and 75. 15) Why do you find it endearing when a guy's in love and won't take no for an answer in the movies, but in real life you call it stalking? A: This is an excellent question that I myself have pondered. I think it may be because the guy in the movie is usually charming and stable whereas the guy who acts like that in real life tends to live in his mothers house, have way too much body hair, and speak clingon. 16) Why is it so easy for you to stop and ask directions? A: Very simple, women fear being lost, men fear being weak. Therefore we have to ask and you can not ask. 17) How do you innately seem to know what can or can?t go in the dryer? A: We know because our mothers knew and taught us. It is passed down for generations. The real question is how did the first woman know? 18) Why do you always complain about your mothers and then end up talking to them for hours upon hours? A: It's sorta like not being able to look away from a train wreck. You feel an obligation and even desire to spend time with them but then everytime you do, more carnage. 19)Why do you always go to the bathroom in groups? A: We're not peeing. We're talking about you in an environment you can not infiltrate. 20) Facial hair. Good or bad? A: If well kempt, very very good 21) Looks or money? A: Money, women love the stability and no matter what you look like we're gonna close our eyes and think of someone else. 22) When you ask, ?If I died, would you remarry?? What exactly are you looking for? A: We know the answer. We want to know if you'll lie. 23) If I died, would you remarry? yup 24) Does your dad like me? No, seriously. no 25) How do you manage to be so cute, charming, silly, frustrating, beautiful, mysterious, complicated, simple and unbelievably interesting? No, seriously. We're not to everyone just to you. That's how we know you're the right one, when you think we're cute, charming, silly, frustrating, beautiful, mysterious, complicated, simple and unbelievably interesting.

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