lily h.

Have you ever watched Jeff Dunham? well if you have, here are some of those great laughs we never get tired of. If you haven't, well watch some but also read this. JEFF DUNHAM, PEANUT, AND JOSE JALAPENO: Jeff: So Jose would you feel better in the box? Jose: Yes it would be better in the box [almost drops Jose] Peanut: WHOA! I thought you were gonna drop him though, jeez. That would have been funny as h*ll!! Jose: Do not drop me senor. Jeff: I won't drop you Jose Jose: I would then be Jose Jalapeno on the floor. Peanut: Do a little tap dance and we've got SALSA! Jeff: That's terrible! Peanut: Not with the right kind of chips it's not! Jeff: Stop it! I'm sorry, Jose. Jose: It's ok, I kick his a** later. Peanut: I'll turn your a** into guacamole! Jeff: stop it. Peanut: I'll stir you with your own stick! Jeff: Stop it. Peanut: This is the way we stir the guac, stir the guac, stir the guac OLE! Jeff: I'm sorry Jose. Jose: It's ok [jeff is about to close the door] Jose: Dont close ze door. Peanut: why not? Jose: The cok-a-roaches Peanut: You have cockroaches in there?? Jose: One big one Jeff: a big one Jose: on a steek. Jose: senor, i need to come back out. Jeff: when i'm done with the show Jose Jose: SENOR! I need to come back OHH-WWut Peanut: You can't come back OHH-WWut! That's all for now *I DONT OWN JEFF DUNHAM PROJECTS* just to be clear on that lol. VOTE PLEASE!

funniness: 4.00

rating: PG