Sarah w.

A little boy went out to his mom who was hanging clothes on a clothes line and askes her if he can change his first name to Johnny. She says yes, then he goes back into the house and plays his video games for a couple hours. Then he comes back out to his mom and asks her if he can change his middle name to humper she says yeah sure. So he goes and cleans his room. Before his mom and dad went to dinner he askes them if he can change his last name to harder they say yes then leave for dinner, then the baby sitter comes over and the boy told the baby sitter that if she didnt take off all her clothes he would tell his parents that she hit him and didnt fix him dinner. When the mom and dad came home from dinner and walked in the house and saw the babysitter naked and the boy humping her they screamed johnny humper harder.Then the boy said said im tryin im tryin its just not workin.

funniness: 1.20

rating: PG-13