Bruce W.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame was holding auditions for someone to succeed him and for a couple of months he didn't meet with much success. Everyone seemed to do well on the theory part of the audition, but when it came to the practical portion, no one could ring the bell to the hunchback's satisfaction. Finally one day, a man entered the tower and claimed he was the logical candidate. He passed the questionnaire and it came time to ring the bell. The applicant gave the bell a big pull and there was this clanky sound which filled the tower and filtered outside. "Let me show you", the hunchback said. The hunchback gave the rope a big pull and the bell caught the man in the head and knocked him to the floor. All of a sudden there was a fantastic noise coming out of the tower. "I can do that, let me try again," the hopeful successor said. But as before, the applicant gave the bell a try and the same result.....just a clanky sound. "I'll show you once more," the hunchback said, growing impatient. This time the hunchback pulled the rope and the bell struck the man in the head and sent him flying out the tower window. Again, there was this great sound eminating from the tower as the applicant hurdled to the ground below. The hunchback raced to the open window, looked down and quickly hobbled down the long flight of steps. Just as soon as he reached where the man hit the ground, the applicant died. "Do you know him?", one of the curious bystanders asked. "No, but his face sure rings a bell," replied the hunchback.

funniness: 5.24

rating: PG